The Last Hoorah

Well this blogging experience has been a interesting. I wish I had done better on my blog and put more effort into it but I am a procrastinator so of course now I am regretting.

When blogging I really only uses pinterest and then twitter would send tweets when I updated my blog but I am pretty sure no one looked at it. My blog theme was kind of lames laugh out loud! I did it on weddings and not every thinks about that at the age of 22 so I am not sure. If things had been different I would have put more effort into it and really tried pushing it out there.

Maybe when I get my job after graduation I could help promote the company by blogging things the company does and after all this I can say I was blogger. I would try harder in make sure it was better presentable and that my posts were better organized and my pictures were more presentable. I really did like this assignment but I procrastinated way to much on it and now it is way to late. Hopefully next time I can do better.




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