The Last Hoorah

Well this blogging experience has been a interesting. I wish I had done better on my blog and put more effort into it but I am a procrastinator so of course now I am regretting.

When blogging I really only uses pinterest and then twitter would send tweets when I updated my blog but I am pretty sure no one looked at it. My blog theme was kind of lames laugh out loud! I did it on weddings and not every thinks about that at the age of 22 so I am not sure. If things had been different I would have put more effort into it and really tried pushing it out there.

Maybe when I get my job after graduation I could help promote the company by blogging things the company does and after all this I can say I was blogger. I would try harder in make sure it was better presentable and that my posts were better organized and my pictures were more presentable. I really did like this assignment but I procrastinated way to much on it and now it is way to late. Hopefully next time I can do better.




My Personal Dream Wedding

My wedding dress would be Pnina Tornia.

Front view











Back view











My theme would be french inspired with a vintage feel

fall theme 2





























I would also love to be married in a beautiful villa or chateau and have my reception there as well. I am not sure where but my wedding is still years away. It would be lovely to have my wedding in Paris, France so since this is my dream wedding we will say that is my location (LOL). I would also give my bridesmaids personalized button down shirts to get dressed in and their jewelry for the wedding. My groomsmen would get king ranch pocket knifes with their names engraved. I would wear louboutin shoes and have Cartier jewelry. I would give my soon to me husband a Rolex as a gift before the wedding and hopefully receive something just as nice from him.

Of course though its all just a dream.

What is your dream wedding?!

Tips on saving money

When planning your wedding your biggest concern is staying under or right at your budget limit. So the first tip I suggest is that you only invite the people that you actually want there and not all these distant relatives that you have not talked to or friends you have not talked to in years. Second try to do some of the little things on your own. Like for example the little decoration; table cloths, place settings, center pieces (depending on what kind you want), etc. Third try to get a 2 for 1 on the photographer if you want a videographer as well. Also when picking your flowers get a variety of them an not just the same ones to save on money.

Here is some links to look at:

Gifts for your grooms mens and bridesmaid

Here is just a short slide show of different gift ideas you could give to your grooms men and bridesmaids. Nothing fancy just gifts to show appreciation for them being in your wedding and putting up with whatever they had to endure.

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