First comes ring! Then comes Wedding!

When planning a wedding, there are a ton of things that go into the planning. So for this blog post I decided to talk about and show you some different themes that you could possible use.

For the Spring time I suggest fun colors:

  • corals
  • mint green
  • tiffany blue
  • yellows
  • aqua

spring theme









spring theme 2









For Summer:

  • deep coral
  • navy
  • reds
  • aqua

summer theme









summer theme 2









For Fall:

  • golds
  • browns
  • blush
  • greys
  • black
  • ivory

fall theme 2









fall theme









For Winter:

  • silver
  • gold
  • white
  • emerald
  • maroon
  • deep red
  • black
  • ivory
  • blue

winter theme









winter theme 2









Last but not least some different bouquets. They are just ideas and none of them go with the themes. Just different flowers for the different seasons.









Again for more ideas view my Pinterest page. 🙂 Happy Pinning and Happy Wedding!


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