Bling! Bling!

Rings! On Rings! On Rings!

“Diamonds are a girls best friend”

-Marilyn Monroe

When being with that special someone for so long you start thinking about marriage and with marriage comes that beautiful engagement ring that ever little girl dreams about getting when that beautiful day happens. Your true loves finally pops that question that you have been waiting to hear for the past 5 years “Will you marry me?”.

So with that I figured I could discuss engagement rings. There are many different types of cuts and settings but the most gorgeous of all in my opinion is the cushion cut with a halo pave setting.

cushion cut halo pave 3

cushion cut halo pave 2

cushion cut halo pave

Here are few gorgeous examples of the cushion cut halo pave setting. To see more rings like this you are more then welcome to view my Pinterest page and see the other styles of rings I have pinned. If you do not like this cut there is also:

  • princess
  • emerald
  • pear
  • heart
  • oval
  • asscher
  • marquise
  • radiant



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