My App

So the App I would design would help keep track what you have already planned and help keep track of your budget.

Screenshot (2)








This would be the opening screen. As you can see you just three tabs. The twitter one would be for you to share whatever you have planned and to keep your guest posted on what is going on if you would like too. Other then that the Wedding Planning tab lets you add what you have already accomplished and shows you what your still lacking. The budget app lets you keep track of what you spent on each item and if you have gone over budget or are under budget.

Screenshot (4)








Here is the example of what the budget tab looks like. If it were real you would be able enter to enter the amount you have spent on each item and it would give you the total. Then under the total it would tell you your budget and if you were over or under.

If the app was real I am sure brides would use it because of how handy it is to use. It is convenient and easy to use.


Table settings!

When you have a wedding and are planning it the most important thing that your wedding planner will tell you is that the table setting is important because when guests walk in the first thing they see is the tables and if they decorated beautifully or not. I know not everyone thinks that is important but still its the thought that counts. So here are a few gorgeous ideas to use when picking a table setting.

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As you can see they are a variety of colors and style. From the colors, flowers, themes they might go too, plate setting, center pieces, etc. Your table setting all depends on your theme and how extravagant you want your wedding. Hope you enjoy!

Wedding Dresses Galore

All little girls dream of that perfect wedding dress. When going to weddings as a little girl I remember being mesmerized by the bride and her dress. The dress makes the wedding. All eyes at the wedding are on the DRESS and bride. They are the center of attention. Some of my favorite designers in my personal opinion are:

  • Pnina Tornai
  • Vera Wang
  • Eli Saab
  • JLM Couture
  • Alfred Angelo
  • Lazaro

Pnina Tornai is a pricey designer but oh my gosh are her dresses gorgeous. They range from $5,000 and up.

pnina 1 pnina 2 pnina 3Vera Wang again of course the brand every woman knows when buying a wedding dress. Her dresses are very expensive usually $10,000 and up.

“You do not alter Vera. You alter yourself for Vera.” – Bride Wars

vera 1 vera 2 vera 3Eli Saab. Designer to the stars and royals for all occasions. I love looking at all the couture gowns that are made and modeled.

saab 1 saab 2

JLM Couture

jlm 1 jlm 2 jlm 3Alfred Angelo are gorgeous wedding dresses at reasonable costs. The dresses I am going to show are part of their Disney Inspiration line.

angelo 1 angelo 2 angelo 3The last brand that I love are the Lazaro gowns.

lazarro 1 lazaro 2 lazaro 3Remember everything is on my Pinterest! Check it out!

First comes ring! Then comes Wedding!

When planning a wedding, there are a ton of things that go into the planning. So for this blog post I decided to talk about and show you some different themes that you could possible use.

For the Spring time I suggest fun colors:

  • corals
  • mint green
  • tiffany blue
  • yellows
  • aqua

spring theme









spring theme 2









For Summer:

  • deep coral
  • navy
  • reds
  • aqua

summer theme









summer theme 2









For Fall:

  • golds
  • browns
  • blush
  • greys
  • black
  • ivory

fall theme 2









fall theme









For Winter:

  • silver
  • gold
  • white
  • emerald
  • maroon
  • deep red
  • black
  • ivory
  • blue

winter theme









winter theme 2









Last but not least some different bouquets. They are just ideas and none of them go with the themes. Just different flowers for the different seasons.









Again for more ideas view my Pinterest page. 🙂 Happy Pinning and Happy Wedding!

Bling! Bling!

Rings! On Rings! On Rings!

“Diamonds are a girls best friend”

-Marilyn Monroe

When being with that special someone for so long you start thinking about marriage and with marriage comes that beautiful engagement ring that ever little girl dreams about getting when that beautiful day happens. Your true loves finally pops that question that you have been waiting to hear for the past 5 years “Will you marry me?”.

So with that I figured I could discuss engagement rings. There are many different types of cuts and settings but the most gorgeous of all in my opinion is the cushion cut with a halo pave setting.

cushion cut halo pave 3

cushion cut halo pave 2

cushion cut halo pave

Here are few gorgeous examples of the cushion cut halo pave setting. To see more rings like this you are more then welcome to view my Pinterest page and see the other styles of rings I have pinned. If you do not like this cut there is also:

  • princess
  • emerald
  • pear
  • heart
  • oval
  • asscher
  • marquise
  • radiant